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Company Profile

If you love shoes, you'll love our footwear. Auroraz Shoes INC. are China professional manufacturer and supplier of flying shoes & skate shoes for men, women and children. With more than 900 kinds, high-volume buying means big savings for you.

Auroraz is ready to be your assistance here in China. You will like to work with us. We have been in footwear industry field for 15 years. Had gained rich footwear knowledge and working experience of cooperating with all parts. During the past years cooperation, we are proud that we have more than 30 factories are our strong backup! Thanks to the customers all over the world are leading us to new success and challenges!

Our designer /technician/QA/shipping staff will provide you best customer service. If you are interested in our products, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Flying Shoe Info


These incredible roller skates can be used for both ground skating and walking; they are called "Flying Shoes". The Flying Shoes roller skates have a variety of styles. The rollers are hidden in the soles, so they can be used as ordinary shoes for walking, going up and down stairs, bicycling etc. You can use them as roller skates by pulling out the hidden rollers in the soles. This is the unique feature of the Flying Shoes rollers skates.

They are suitable for recreation and sports. The research and development of this product and the success in repeated tests mark a further step on the path of functional shoes production.


1. To use them as roller skates: Pull out the rollers from the soles, fasten them to the bolt on the incline.

2. To use as shoes: Push back the rollers into the soles. The bolts on the bottom fastens steady on its own.

3. For beginners, try one shoe as an ordinary shoe and the
other as a roller skate. Practice repeatedly and you will soon learn to balance yourself while skating.

4. To brake the Flying Shoes roller skate: Run up the heelpiece to bring about attrition with ground. You can also brake the skates by pressing the toe cap down.


1. Do not skate on traffic roads.

2. Pre-school children should not be allowed to use the Flying Shoes roller skates without adult supervision.

3. Do not skate in crowded public areas.

4. The skating area must be flat and smooth.

5. The Flying Shoes roller skates are only suitable for recreation and fitness.

6. The rollers can be changed at the distributors.

7. If the axle of the rollers becomes loose and the roller can be easily spinned, have the axle replaced.

Roller shoes- manufacturer of sports footwear ,flying shoes,basketball shoes,jogging shoes,leisure shoes and roller skate shoes.


Four wheels with automatic push button P.U. sole, P.U. upper, Nylon/P.U. wheels.

EUR: 34-44
USA: 4-9
JAP: 22-27

Packing in colorful boxes 12boxes/carton

Made in China

Delivery time : within 20-30 days after receipt L/C.

Skate Shoe Info

China Skate Shoes-skateboards decks, skateboard shoes and skateboard.
Find a complete line of Skate Shoes perfect for street style or the skate park. These skateboard shoes have extraordinary grip and comfort for the ultimate in flexible active wear and tear.

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